Barefoot Contessa’s Outrageous Brownies: Made Gluten-Free!

Here I go with chocolate again. But what’s wrong with that? NOTHING.

I’m that person who bakes things for the sole reason of taking them into work for big meetings. I also like to bring dessert whenever we go to someone else’s place for dinner. If I didn’t give away so much of what I bake, Tim and I would require wheelbarrows to get around.

These brownies are no exception. One morning I happened to catch the episode of Barefoot Contessa where she made these. She was using a ginormous bowl and poured the batter into a ginormous pan. She kept reiterating that this recipe made a *lot* of brownies. Perfect! I always need to bring two batches of baked goods to work so everyone gets their fair share (and for my coworkers, a fair share is at least two per person!).

The only modifications this recipe needed to make it gluten-free was the substitution of a gluten-free flour blend for the all-purpose flour. I simply used Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour. Since this recipe calls for such a small amount of flour, the finished product had no hint of graininess like gluten-free baked goods can sometimes have. The small amount of flour also made these brownies fudgy without being too dense. Because of the coffee, they aren’t overly sweet. The coffee actually works to bring out the taste of the chocolate.

My only other modification was due to a complete brain fart on my part. When composing my shopping list, I didn’t see the second ingredient, unsweetened chocolate, so I didn’t buy any. When baking time came, I had a momentary freak-out, but then I remembered that I had unsweetened cocoa powder in my pantry. I mixed 3/4 cup of it into my dry ingredients instead and it worked like a charm. So if you don’t have unsweetened chocolate, feel free to make that substitution!

You’ll also notice from the picture above that I omitted the nuts. That was purely because of personal preference. I also cut them into smaller squares so I had many more brownies to go around and to reduce the amount of points per serving.

Head on over to for the recipe, and don’t forget to make the flour substitution. Enjoy!

Original recipe, incuding the walnuts, cut into 2-inch squares yields 54 servings at 7 points+ per serving. Excluding the walnuts reduces them to 6 points+ per serving.


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