Getting Healthy

One of the reasons going gluten-free has changed my life for the better is that it has allowed me to quit some bad habits. I’m sorry to say that Tim and I used to have a few bad habits. We had fast food for dinner at least twice a week. We ate out at restaurants at least once a week. And probably my worst habit, the one I’m most ashamed of, was the breakfast routine that I had developed: As a commuter, I drive to work every morning. How convenient that I drive past a drive-through Dunkin Donuts. Every morning on the way to work, I used to eat an egg and cheese croissant sandwich or wrap along with a side of hashbrowns. I’d wash it down with a large hazelnut coffee with cream and sugar. Sometimes extra large. I almost feel sick when I think about how much food I ate from Dunkin Donuts and how insanely unhealthy it was.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all these bad habits, when Tim and I got married in May of 2011, I weighed the heaviest I’d ever been: about 305 pounds.

After I was diagnosed with Celiac, I quickly learned that almost all fast food restaurants were out of the question from now on. Knowing you literally cannot eat something was somehow different for me than choosing not to eat something. It was easier to resist. That kind of food simply wasn’t an option anymore. Since I was diagnosed, I have dived into cooking more meals at home – something I already loved doing. Breaking those bad habits actually allowed me to do more of what I loved doing. At home, I am able to control the quality of my cooking and what goes into it.

Having broken those habits, I naturally and slowly started losing weight. About two months after my celiac diagnosis, I was about 10 pounds lighter. Tim and I had a talk one day about our future. We want kids and we want to be around to enjoy long lives together. We decided that it was time to get serious and get healthy. What few bad habits we had left, we tried our best to break. And in January of 2012, I took the plunge and joined Weight Watchers.

At first I was concerned about combining my dietary restriction with the additional restraints of a diet, but Weight Watchers makes it so easy. I do it online and have an app for my cell phone, so it’s with me wherever I go. I’ve discovered an unbelievable amount about portion control and food choices. Within the first week I felt so great about myself. Within the first month, I steadily lost 10 pounds. As I’m writing this post, I am now about 20 pounds lighter than I was at my wedding.

Tim has been so supportive. He all but sings my praises with every pound I lose. While he doesn’t have his own Weight Watchers account, he’s eating the same meals I am, and he’s also steadily losing weight. For the first time in my life, I see an actual possibility of buying clothes in a smaller size and even someday down the road, feeling like I look good in those clothes – a feeling I honestly cannot remember having before. Most of all, we are both feeling so much better about our futures.

For those who are fellow Weight Watchers members, for most of my recipe posts, I will include serving size and Points Plus values for your own tracking purposes.