Gluten-Free Pancakes with Better Batter Pancake & Biscuit Mix

Because we slept in quite late this morning, Tim and I started the first day of the new year with a delicious brunch. So I thought I’d share with you a great idea for brunch: pancakes!


Remember when I went to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo last Spring? Well, I finally tested out the Better Batter Pancake & Biscuit Mix I got while I was there. You can order this boxed mix online through the Better Batter site or Amazon, or you can see if your local specialty store has it.

The great thing about this mix is that you can throw together a batch of pancakes super quick. You need only add milk or water and an egg (optional), mix it up, and cook.

The mix itself is a little on the clumpier side as you can see. I recommend whisking it or sifting it to get you started.


This is the tricky part. When you add your milk/water and egg, the consistency will vary. Depending on whether you like thicker or thinner pancake batter, you’ll need to keep adding liquid until you reach what you’re looking for. A thicker batter can result in fluffier pancakes, which I would recommend. A thinner batter spreads more on the griddle, but the middle of the pancakes was a little doughier and didn’t cook completely through (most likely due to the increased amount of liquid). This picture will show you a batter that’s on the thicker side.


I love using an electric griddle to cook pancakes. You can usually make about six at a time, as opposed to one or two at a time in a frying pan. I usually spray the hot griddle with a bit of cooking spray, which prevents the pancakes from sticking and makes them easy to flip. I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour the batter on the griddle, then I use the bottom of the cup to sort of spread out the batter a little and form them into circles…or shapes that somewhat resemble circles….


Cook the pancakes for a few minutes on each side. The amount of time depends on the thickness of your batter. Unlike the gluten-filled pancakes of our pre-GF days, these pancakes will not form a lot of, if any, air bubbles as they cook, so you’ll have to depend more on color as an indicator. Using a thin spatula (here’s my favorite spatula to use for pancakes on the griddle!), gently lift up a little edge of the first pancake you poured to check whether it has turned a golden brown. Once it has, flip the pancakes in the order that you poured them. Press down a very little bit with your spatula on each pancake – if you press down too much, your pancakes will lose their fluffiness!


One batch of the mix as directed makes about six four-inch pancakes, which feeds two in our house. But more importantly, they taste very good! In my opinion, a made-from-scratch mix has a better taste if you have the time, but if you want pancakes in a hurry and/or don’t care for measuring out all different types of flours, this is for sure the way to go.


Happy New Year!